Are you looking for a career move that’s both lucrative and rewarding? Look no further than freight broker training with Loadtraining’s school! This blog post explores the top 10 reasons freight broker training is your best career move. Join us for our 5-Day & 1ON1 Private Hands-On Freight Brokering School.


  1. High Earning Potential: As a freight broker, you can earn a high income with commission-based pay, with the potential to reach over six figures annually.
  2. Flexibility: You can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection, allowing you to set your hours and work-life balance.
  3. High Demand: The logistics industry is constantly growing, so there’s always a high demand for freight brokers.
  4. Low Start-Up Costs: Unlike other businesses, becoming a freight broker doesn’t require a significant investment or start-up capital.
  5. Minimal Risk: As a freight broker, you’re not responsible for shipping or transportation, so you’re not exposed to the risks associated with those industries.
  6. Expand Your Network: Freight broker training can help you build a network of shippers, carriers, and industry professionals, opening up new business opportunities.
  7. Continuous Learning: The industry constantly evolves, providing ample opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development.
  8. Build Your Own Business: You can start your brokerage or work with an established company, allowing you to build your own business.
  9. Job Security: The logistics industry is essential to the economy so freight brokers can enjoy job security even during economic downturns.
  10. Make a Difference: As a freight broker, you ensure goods are delivered efficiently, helping businesses grow and thrive.

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