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Ruth Angulo
Ruth AnguloCEO and President / Associate Professor / Agent Representative
LoadTraining Associate Professor since 2013.
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Twenty-six years total in the legal field (private and nonprofit) as an advocate/paralegal and project staff coordinator. Much of that work involved training others via local, regional and statewide projects, throughout California.

Twelve years (2001-2013) with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Fair Housing Investigation Coordinator for the State of California. Responsible for training private and non-private housing providers including public housing authority staff. Annually produced three statewide, regional one-day training (up to 200 participants per training) for housing consumers, providers, and government employees. Provided counsel and advice, enforcement and investigation. Recruited and trained 35 investigators annually in the rental, sales, lending, insurance, and accessibility markets.
The Hutkin Law Firm (2000-2014) Employment Law/Paralegal: Investigation, calculated damages, drafted complaints and demand letters. Participated in all aspects of case development, specifically discovery and mediation. Marketing primarily via pre-recorded and live talk radio shows; and client liaison.
Promotores Collaborative of San Luis Obispo County (2011-2014) Chairperson: As a core founding member I was instrumental in forming this new collaborative to promote and develop leadership and management skills to address community issues.
Central Coast Environmental Health Project (1995-2000) Outreach: Trained and produced materials utilized throughout California regarding pesticide awareness to farmworkers, their families, schools, community, and medical professionals. Participated in all aspects of planning, training, and outreach.

David G Dwinell
David G DwinellOwner/Retired Staff
David Dwinell is a renown American forensic expert in transportation. His 40 years of transportation expertise created Truckalocity.com. He has innovated in transportation to expand motor carrier choices, with an eye on saving shippers trucking expenses. His motor carrier vetting techniques have been adopted industry wide , protecting shippers from “negligent hire” issues, while avoiding double brokering problems for shippers. Every motor carrier vetted is the actual truck that bumps your dock, no independents, no newbie carriers, safe – secure authorized and properly insured, to meet the highest shipping standards in the industry.