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David G Dwinell

Founder/Expert/Retired Staff

Meet David G. Dwinell, a highly respected and renowned figure in the transportation industry. With over 40 years of expertise in the field, David has made significant contributions to the industry through his innovative approaches and dedication to enhancing the efficiency and safety of transportation operations. As the owner and retired staff of, David has left an indelible mark on the industry.

A Visionary in Transportation:
Throughout his career, David Dwinell has been a visionary, constantly seeking ways to improve the transportation landscape. His extensive knowledge and experience have paved the way for the development of, a platform that expands motor carrier choices while prioritizing cost savings for shippers. By leveraging his expertise, David has revolutionized the way shippers select motor carriers, resulting in significant savings for businesses across the industry.

David G. Dwinell’s contributions to the transportation industry have been remarkable. His wealth of experience, innovative thinking, and commitment to safety and quality have shaped how businesses approach transportation logistics. Through his groundbreaking motor carrier vetting techniques and dedication to eliminating double brokering problems, David has revolutionized the industry and left a lasting impact on shippers and carriers alike.

As an esteemed figure in transportation, David G. Dwinell’s expertise and insights continue to inspire and drive positive change in the field. His legacy as a pioneer in transportation will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the industry for years.

Joel Petersen

Director of Business Development
Branding / Marketing / Sales
LoadTraining Associate since 2007. 

Joel Petersen is an accomplished professional with a successful background in business development, sales, marketing, and freight broker training. With almost 20 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry, Joel has established himself as a main industry player in pushing business growth and developing client relations.

His journey started in sales where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder working with fortune 500 Companies developing new programs as a project manager. His ability to identify market openings and opportunities helped him to exceed sales goals and create further business growth.

As Joel continued to find success in his sales career, his true passion of Business Development began to come into focus. Joel used his talent of innovative ideas and analytical thinking to earn recognition for creating results driven strategies that dominated historical ideas and sales.

Joel’s unique campaigns and digital marketing strategies significantly increased brand awareness and market visibility. Using some of the most popular digital tools and platforms for brand building, he helped many of the companies he represented successfully create a brand image and name that is recognized by their industry users still today.

As a freight broker trainer, Joel has shared his decades of knowledge and experience with those just getting started in the field. His in-depth, logical and comprehensive way of teaching has helped hundreds of individuals to excel in starting their own freight brokerage or freight agency.

Joel Petersen is among the few professionals within the Freight Brokering industry that stand out as true expert in starting and scaling new freight brokerages. He not only remains committed to his clients continued growth, but his own professional growth also.

Twenty-six years in the legal field (private and nonprofit) as an advocate/paralegal and project staff coordinator. Much of that work involved training others via local, regional, and statewide projects throughout California.

Twelve years (2001-2013) with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Fair Housing Investigation Coordinator for the State of California. Responsible for training private and non-private housing providers, including public housing authority staff. Annually produced three statewide, regional one-day training (up to 200 participants per training) for housing consumers, providers, and government employees. Provided counsel and advice, enforcement, and investigation. Recruited and trained 35 investigators annually in the rental, sales, lending, insurance, and accessibility markets.

The Hutkin Law Firm (2000-2014) Employment Law/Paralegal: Investigation, calculated damages, drafted complaints and demand letters. Participated in all aspects of case development, specifically discovery and mediation—marketing primarily via pre-recorded and live talk radio shows; and client liaison.

Promotores Collaborative of San Luis Obispo County (2011-2014) Chairperson: As a core founding member, I formed this new collaborative to promote and develop leadership and management skills to address community issues.

Central Coast Environmental Health Project (1995-2000) Outreach: Trained and produced materials utilized throughout California regarding pesticide awareness to farmworkers, their families, schools, community, and medical professionals. Participated in all aspects of planning, training, and outreach.

Ruth Angulo

LoadTraining Associate Professor since 2013. ¡Hablamos Español!

Elaina Petersen

V.P. of Administrative Services

The Vice President of Administrative Services is a crucial part of an organization, ensuring that the administrative aspects of the company run smoothly, effectively, and in line with the organization’s goals.

As the Vice President of Administrative Services it’s my responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating supportive services of Loadtraining and Truckalocity. Often oversee functions like record keeping, mail distribution, office upkeep, and other administrative operations.

I supervise administrative staff and coordinate with other departments to ensure smooth operation and manage multiple teams and various administrative tasks.

I play a crucial role in strategic planning, helping to set the goals and objectives of departments. They must understand the organization’s business needs to align with administrative functions effectively.

Budgeting, I’m responsible for the budget of all departments, requiring a good understanding of financial management and planning.

Pedro Angulo

Associate Professor / Agent Representative

Professional Bio Coming Soon!

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