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Learning Your Way On Your Time

When looking for the best freight broker training online there are multiple things you must consider. There is no one-class-fits-all. You have to consider your schedule, learning style, finances, and more when choosing the right course.

This is why LoadTraining offers (2) types of NO Travel / Remote online freight broker courses.

The first option allows you to work at your own pace during your free time; the second option puts you with LIVE instructors and classmates working on real loads right from your home or office. LoadTraining’s online freight broker training courses are the most cost-effective way to take a full curriculum class taught by real freight brokers. Through our in-depth training programs, you’ll experience first-hand how a freight brokerage operates, even from home.

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The Most Popular Online Freight Broker Training in the USA

At LoadTraining, we have over 40 years of freight broker experience and have helped thousands of beginner freight brokers launch into the business. Beyond that, we operate a real-life freight brokerage with agents located all across the country.

We have the experience and operations needed to deliver freight broker training online that makes a real and practical impact on your education and your future opportunities.

  • We equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful Freight Broker.Laws, licenses, and compliance
  • Building your shipper clients
  • Creating a shipper & carrier database
  • Sales strategies
  • Much more!

Check out all the topics covered in our online freight broker class curriculum.

If you’re serious about becoming a freight broker, we’re serious about helping you in your education.

Advantages of our

Online Freight Broker Training

  • Flexible Schedule Imagine a school where you can show up when you want or one where the classroom comes to you. That’s exactly what LoadTraning’s two online freight broker course options offer you; the flexibility to learn the way you want. With no schedule to keep to, no commuting, and no out-of-state travel, you can learn how to become a freight broker in a way that works best for you.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace Set your own pace, attend class when you can, and move through the course in a way that meets your life’s needs. Choose between working at your own pace or LIVE Online with actual instructors.
  • Repeat Access to the Course All online freight broker classes include your course manual and training videos. So if you didn’t quite understand something, or want to go back through it again, you can.
  • Keep Focus Online learning can make it easier for students to keep their focus. It also allows those more reserved students to have the confidence to jump in with questions.
  • Full Support Our online freight broker courses offer comprehensive online support. Expert team members are here to help you if you run into any kind of difficulties, we’re only a mouse click away.
  • Cost-Effective Taking your freight broker class online can be a lot more affordable than attending a traditional in-person class. Students get to obtain the same great education and teachings while saving on the costs of travel, hotel, and time away from family and work. Since our school is able to save on resources too, it allows us to pass the savings on to our students.
  • Learn From Anywhere Take our online freight broker course from the comfort of your own home, office, or the cab of your truck. It’s great for busy professionals looking to invest their downtime in the next step of their career.
  • Networking Join a community of like-minded people. With our LIVE online training, connect with people from different industry backgrounds and gain new perspectives while building your network.
  • Better Communication Skills LIVE! Online freight broker training creates opportunities to participate, interact, and communicate with your instructors and classmates from all over the country.
  • Better Your Technical Skills Taking your freight broker training online will not only help you with your educational goals but can teach you new technical skills that will help you in other areas of your business.

Which Class Works For You?

Live Online -or- Self-Paced Online

LoadTraining’s online freight broker classes eliminate some of the biggest hurdles in education like costs, commute, and scheduling. Whether you’re holding down a full-time job or looking after a family, we have a freight broker training solution that works for you. 

Our online freight broker training courses are available in 2 versions — Self-paced and LIVE Online. Both options include the FULL curriculum, course manuals, videos, monitoring, certification, full support, and agent placement opportunities.

Both Online Classes Include

Self-Paced Online

Learn anywhere, anytime, at a pace that suits you

The ideal option for people with busy work & family schedules, our self-paced option lets you study whenever you want without having to worry about showing up at a certain time or date.

Access your course through our professional online training platform 24/7 from any phone, computer, or device. We provide all the training materials you need, including our in-person class manuals, training videos, and study guides. This online freight broker training course offers the same great teachings as our LIVE freight broker course. It features full flexibility without changing or compromising the quality.

Study as quickly or as slowly as you want or concentrate on specific areas of interest to you.

Online / Self Paced

$ 599
  • NO Travel
  • Self Paced
  • 6 Month Access
  • Downloadable Materials
  • 40 hrs Course
  • Accessible 24/7
  • PC / Mobile
  • Online Assessment
  • Printable Certificate
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LIVE! Online (Remote)

Real Instructors In Real-Time

Combining the best of both worlds, our interactive LIVE online freight broker’s course allows you to attend our freight broker classes online in real-time. Perfect for those who want to still be present and engage in a real class but want the convenience of doing it from the comfort of their living room, office, or truck.

Participate in this online freight broker course the same way as our in-person classes — ask questions, collaborate, and engage with your instructor and classmates. Plus, take advantage of what has made LoadTraining the top freight broker school in America, on-the-job training with real shippers and trucking carriers throughout the United States.

We understand that technology can be a little intimidating for some. No worries though, our staff is dedicated to making the process easy for you. Conducted via Zoom, taking our online freight broker training is as simple as checking an email and clicking a link.

student taking a live online freight broker class

5 Day Virtual Group

$ 1999
  • NO Travel
  • LIVE Webinar
  • LIVE Instructor(s)
  • Shipped Books & Videos
  • Military Discounts
  • Multi - Student Discount
  • 1/2 Down Reservation
  • Max Students 20
  • OH... Did we say NO Travel?

3 Day Virtual Private

$ 3999
  • Bring a Guest no extra charge
  • Personalized Business Plan

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