5-Day Freight Broker Training Houston TX

Freight Broker Training in Houston. freight agent training

“Ready for an immersive adventure in the world of freight brokerage? Join us for an intense and enlightening 5-day journey at our live brokerage in Houston! It’s the perfect setting to dive into the hustle and bustle of real freight movements, surrounded by experienced agents and brokers ready to guide you.

We’re not just a school – we’re a fully operational brokerage! This gives you a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience dealing with genuine shippers and freight. So why just learn when you can ‘learn by doing’?

We’ve got locations spread out for your convenience, from Phoenix, AZ to IL, TX, GA, PA, and sunny FL.

CURRICULUM: Ready to Discover?

Looking forward to seeing you there!”

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Freight Broker Training in Houston. freight agent training
July 8-12, 2023
Freight Broker Training Houston, TX
7922 Mosley Rd, Houston, TX 77061
7:00AM – 3:00PM Daily
Call 1-800-776-7067