Do you offer a freight broker training class online?

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Freight broker training online classes are offered by a self-study way to learn truck brokering from home. We also offer a sample and first lesson of our class by filling out the form on the "FREE Broker Info Kit". You will have instant access to a sample video lesson & 6 FREE books.

I am a load finder can I still be an agent?

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I am a load finder for my relative’s trucks, can I still be a load finder and be an Agent at the same time? Yes, does not want to have anything to do with your load finding business, or your trucking operations. However, Truckalocity Agency perfectly fits into your transportation business models as a separate profit center… Remember, Truckalocity [...]

I have a trucking company, can I open a Truckalocity Agency?

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I have a trucking company, can I open a Truckalocity agency to compliment my trucking company activity? Yes, most of our agents have trucking operation, and/or a load finding operation, and want to add licensed and bonded property brokerage to their public shipper offerings.

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