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As a freight broker all you will need is a basic office set up to get started.  Simply a computer with internet access, phone line (Yes! Your mobile is ok to use), and an all-in-one such as printer, scanner, copier.

This is a very common question with our potential students.  The true answer is that when you become a freight broker or a freight agent you are starting a business, not getting a job. (most cases)

Freight brokering and agency is a performance based industry.  Therefore, your income levels will depend on many different factors and can range from nothing to sky’s the limit.  It’s the schools that are not transparent about this that should be avoided.

Let’s make sure we are clear from the start, the way you make money as a freight broker or a freight agent is to move freight.  Period!  This means the income generating part of the business is going to be done by you either-way.

Many of our students are unsure, but don’t worry if you are undecided you can do so after you complete your course.  Since we are a full curriculum school you are going to learn to be a full on freight broker regardless. Remember the biggest difference is licensing, liability and finances.  Agency placement is something we offer to those interested but it is not a requirement.

Absolutely!  Many students start part-time, some even while they are carriers on the road.  Many people start by using their down time to start building up their brokerage business or agency.

Remember, though, that your clients are usually in during normal business hours so we advise having some time to communicate with them during that time. Also, the more clients you take on the more demanding it will become.  BUT that’s the point right!

When it comes to applying for your Federal Motor Carrier Authority it is a pretty straight forward process that can be done right online.  You may do it yourself if you are comfortable or there are also third party companies who will file on your behalf for a fee.  We suggest saving the money if you are familiar with being online. 

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