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Broker Training Class Schedule

5 Day Hands-On &

3 Day Private Training

Class Schedule & Locations

Phoenix AZ.- Dallas TX. Houston TX. – Atlanta GA. Chicago Il.

View our school schedule and come spend 5 days learning and working in a real brokerage. With our freight broker training there is no better opportunity than putting yourself right in the middle of actual freight movements with agents and brokers all around you. Unlike other schools we own our brokerage and allow you to get a first hand experience in dealing with real shippers and real freight.

Deal with Real Shippers and Carriers
More than just a lecture – NO FAKE BROKERING

Great for those seeking to become freight brokers, freight agents or dispatchers.

Freight brokers help shippers that need to move freight from one location to another by finding a freight carrier (truck, train, ship, air) that will ship the freight for slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay them… this term we call a FREIGHT BROKER!

Freight brokers, can also be described as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers, are all middle men that match available shippers and available trucks while earning upwards of  30% profit per shipment.

Our freight broker training class will teach you how to start brokering freight with our brokerage during every 5 day and 1-on1-1 classes.

As a successful freight broker agent you will learn from our 3 or 5 Day Hands-On training…

  • Load Boards
  • Finding Carriers
  • Surety Bond
  • Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Supply Chain
  • Broker License
  • Full Curriculum

may 2022

21may(may 21)7:00 am23(may 23)4:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

21may(may 21)7:00 am25(may 25)3:00 pmOrlando FL.

28may(may 28)7:00 am30(may 30)4:00 pmPhoenix 1 ON 1 SOLD

31may(may 31)7:00 am02jun(jun 2)4:00 amPhoenix 1 ON 1 SOLD

june 2022

31may(may 31)7:00 am02jun(jun 2)4:00 amPhoenix 1 ON 1 SOLD

04jun(jun 4)7:00 am08(jun 8)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ

11jun(jun 11)7:00 am13(jun 13)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1ON 1 SOLD

14jun(jun 14)7:00 am16(jun 16)5:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

18jun(jun 18)7:00 am20(jun 20)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1ON 1

18jun(jun 18)7:00 pm22(jun 22)3:00 pmDallas TX

21jun(jun 21)7:00 am23(jun 23)4:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

25jun(jun 25)7:00 am27(jun 27)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

25jun(jun 25)7:00 am29(jun 29)3:00 pmAtlanta, GA.

28jun(jun 28)7:00 am30(jun 30)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

july 2022

02jul(jul 2)7:00 am06(jul 6)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ

09jul(jul 9)7:00 am13(jul 13)3:00 pmHouston TX

12jul(jul 12)7:00 am14(jul 14)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

16jul(jul 16)7:00 am18(jul 18)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1

16jul(jul 16)7:00 am20(jul 20)3:00 pmPhiladelphia PA

23jul(jul 23)7:00 am25(jul 25)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

26jul(jul 26)7:00 am28(jul 28)3:00 pmPhoenix AZ 1 ON 1 SOLD

august 2022

No Events

september 2022

No Events

october 2022

No Events

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With proper determination & training almost anyone can become a freight broker.

5 Day IN A real Freight Brokerage

AZ Nov 2nd - Nov 6th