Mr. Dwinell graduated in 1967 from Wisconsin State College-Whitewater, with honors. He put himself through college by trucking on the weekends and realized what his lifelong ambition would be, a transportation provider. There were no classes for his chosen career path, except the School of Hard Knocks. He has driven in excess of 1 million miles, owned trucks and a trucking company, started and sold 4 brokerages. He has brokered in excess of 100,000 freight movements since 1980, collected and disbursed in excess of $100,000,000 in the effort.
If you want to avail yourself of his vast experiences attend a class in Arizona or a number of other states around the country. . His experiences will help you avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of pitfalls in the start up and operation of a trucking company and a brokerage.
He said, “You cannot succeed in trucking unless you learn to broker, they are not the same thing, but most start-ups make the assumption they are the same.” These are your watchwords in starting a transportation business. He will show you how to succeed like no other teacher…

About the ORIGINAL School of Load Brokering!

I began to teach others to succeed in brokering in 1987, having completed my textbooks and free freight broker training DVD Kit  – The Guide to Understanding Brokering and The Transportation Brokering Operations Manual. I had been brokering since 1981.

My reason for teaching others was born from the frustration I experienced in starting my own trucking company in 1980. In 1979, I began searching for information about trucking and brokering and found there was virtually no information created by truckers for those wanting to get in the transportation business. When shippers began offering my trucking company far more freight than I could haul, I began brokering almost immediately. I did not want to give back loads. There are others who need this information, is my niche.

After brokering for a while, I realized that this is a huge market and truckers were not particularly adept at “playing” in the market place. Most knew trucking well, but had zero skills at buying and selling the service. I suspected that brokering would become a significant business, and look what it has become today. According to the experts, 48% of transportation is bartered daily. The top 100 Motor carriers in 2009, now list themselves with the American Trucking Association (ATA) as “brokers”, including UPS and Fed Ex. 90% of America’s motor carriers have no idea today where their trucks will be a week into the future. This is the broker’s job, help the truckers get home, to play in the market and make the “match”.