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 View the attached one page Credit Application, as you will be responsible for paying qualified motor carrier you book for your load.

 NOTE: This Credit Application is between you (shipper/broker) and the motor carrier booked via, as a mediator between the two parties, shipper/broker and motor carrier. FetchDesk is not involved in carrier’s cash flow. You, the shipper/ broker pay carrier direct, on time and as promised. Failure to pay carrier on time will alter your future FetchDesk relationship. In the event of nonpayment, FetchDesk will act on behalf of the injured party, in a collection process against your company. FetchDesk will provide online payment process. Request Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal with transactional fee.

 You may complete and email/fax this form now for no cost, and receive your ordering account code upon FetchDesk credit approval. This information will be held in complete security, not viewable by any one other than the motor carrier you solicited.

 You search amongst posted trucks, You call and deal to a booking.

 Complete the WHO YOU ARE form below and the email/fax information will be provided.


 You are free to work directly with new carriers you find on

 Please vet each carriers’ safety suitability before booking truck for your freight, as there are no FetchDesk warranties as to “safety” or “safety rating” implied or stated by FetchDesk to you. FetchDesk merely presents for viewing the credentials of carriers you are considering for loading. You should print them off of or at the time of the booking for your own safety.

 FetchDesk is not a “broker” or “carrier” in any transaction you make between yourselves (shipper/broker or carrier), and is not involved in a transportation act.

 Carriers are free to contact you direct without any further FetchDesk involvement.

 Carrier bills you direct using the information on your credit application. You have 15 days to pay carrier unless carrier requires payment on delivery. Carriers set the terms of credit extension.





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