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Deadhead Miles Defined – American Trucking miles driven without revenue per year. Usually, the distance driven between an empty out point to a reload point for an individual truck. Eg: Truck empties out in Seattle, drives empty to San Francisco for re load, these miles driven are deadhead miles. Distance Mileage: 814 miles.

  • Class 7 & 8 trucks drive an average of 100,000 miles per year. 39,000 of those miles are dead head miles.
  • 5 million Class 7& 8 Trucks drive 500,000,000,000 miles per year.
  • 5 million Class 7&8 Trucks deadhead 39% of driven miles, which is 195,000,000,000 miles.
  • Divide 195,000,000,000 by 5 miles per gallon (MPG) to get amount of diesel burned to deadhead a truck. Technology App saves 10% of deadhead miles
  • This is 3,900,000,000 gallons of diesel burned needlessly or saved by Technology

Disclaimer: Assume technology app coordinates trucking, loading that achieves a 10% reduction of America’s trucking deadhead miles. Calculations Per expert David G. Dwinell. Information based on data sourced from the American Trucking Association, OOIDA – Owner/Operators Independent Drivers Association. They include commercial and private motor carriage combined.